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Dr. Richard Saint Cyr
My Health Beijing
4. 01. 2016

My Health Beijing is a blog written by Dr. Richard Saint Cyr, a family medicine doctor who lived in China for 10 years. He has since relocated to the US, but his thankfully his blog is still available. Dr. Saint Cyr provides a wealth of useful information about health, from how to protect yourself against pollution to where to buy safe food in the city.

Dr. Melissa was a guest author twice on the site. Click here to read her first post “Detoxification 101”, and here to read her second post “Naturopathic Medicine: A New Model for Health.”

Delicious Cabbage
Buying Organics Online
5. 01. 2015

My favorite farm to buy organics from is called DeRunWu. The farm began in 2004, the dream of a chemist who saw the harm chemicals could cause in the world. He decided to leave his profession and dedicate himself fully to organic farming. A trusted source for organic produce and other foods like whole grains, oils, seasonings and tea. is one of the best sites to find certified organic fruits and vegetables in China. A variety of fresh produce is available, along with meat, eggs and other food staples. Not everything on the site is organic, but free-range options are availalbe as well. In general, it is a great place to conveniently buy organics and healthy foods.