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Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics
30. 01. 2017

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics, is one of the most reputable hospitals in all of China, offering an international-standard healthcare system in a caring, patient centered environment. There is a long list of specialities available including pediatrics, OBGyn, emergency medicine, dermatology, cardiology, pulmonology and more!

Dr. Melissa works in the Center for Family Medicine and Integrative Health Care.

Natural Products
Supplements, Natural Care Products and Groceries
10. 01. 2017

iHerb is a US site for supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathy, natural care products, healthy groceries and more. They carry a huge selection of gluten-free products and allergy-friendly foods. Shipping to China is fast and often free if you spend over a certain amount. Dr. Melissa suggests patients use this website to purchase supplements in China. Use discount code IGU117 at checkout with your first purchase.

Beijing Kids
15. 01. 2016

Beijing Kids is your best online resource for all things kids in Beijing. Find out what’s happening in the city, check out school activites, read interesting blog posts and stay connected. Beijing Kids also has a print edition.

From 2009 until 2011 Dr. Melissa had a regular blog on titled Dr. Mom. In 2012 she began to write a regular monthly column in Beijing Kids Magazine called The Natural Path. You can read Dr. Melissa’s column The Natural Path online or in the magazine.