10. 10. 2011

Helpful Houseplants For Your Home

These last few days the pollution has returned… and lingered. Just looking out the window anyone can tell the levels are very, very bad. For verification you can check this website. It reports the numbers from the particle monitoring station of the U.S. Embassy.  A very useful website to bookmark! I’m sure many of you have your air purifiers running full speed and are keeping your windows closed, but did you know there’s something else that can really help purify the air in your home? I’m taking about houseplants! There are many small plants that can easily be maintained, remove harmful toxins and produce oxygen to generate clean air.
You might have seen this very useful beijingkids blog post in the past.  However there are many more houseplants that can create clean air indoors. Check out this great book called, How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants that Purify Your Home or Office. It’s written by one of the researchers who worked on creating a self-sufficient life-support system for a NASA lunar habitat. Using houseplants alone, enough oxygen can be created in a closed environment to sustain life, and harmful toxins such as ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene can be…

Read the original Dr. Mom blog post published in October 2011 on Beijing-kids.com here.

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